1 Day Demo Program
Record for 1 full day for a flat $300 fee. We will take care of the mixing and editing afterward, although you may join if you wish. This is a promotional rate that is very competitive, and perfect for creating a demo that will stand out from the others. You can choose to record on tape or digital, and will go home with a high quality digital master.
All Digital Economy Program
Record for $50 an hour with the mixing and editing included. This is a very economic way to get some good quality recordings quickly. We can easily have you done with a digital final copy in one day. The hourly fee is for the time that you spend in the studio actually playing, the mixing and editing is included afterward and is a quick process in the all digital realm.
Standard Analog Tape Hourly
For $75 an hour actual studio recording time we can get your tunes on tape. The whole process takes more time, but you end up with a much more perfectly captured and subtly compressed product. You pay for the time actually in the studio making the recording, the mixing and editing process which can take some time is included afterward. This is usually done on a different day, and you are welcome to attend to make sure you end up with a perfect product.
All Analog Complete Program
If you are looking to make an LP on vinyl this is the way to go! Here you pay $425 up front for your own set of master 1/4" reels to take home (about 24 minutes per reel). We use our mastering process to create a final set of master stereo tapes that are finalized and ready to go. The hourly rate is $75 per hour actually playing in the studio. We know of mastering studios that can make a lacquer with no digital step. This is the ultimate all analog process, it takes time but is worth it!
All Analog Gold Program
This is similar to the Complete Program, but here you purchase and keep the 1/2" 8 track reels as well as the 1/4" master reels to have a perfect analog copy for future re-mastering. The up front cost is $725, and you get all the same as the complete with the additional two 1/4" inch reels. The hourly rate is $75 and as usual this just applies to actual in studio playing time.
Double Trouble Program
This is a program where we record your music simultaneously with our analog gear and our digital gear. The mixing and editing process is extensive because you get the option to choose between the digital or the analog tracks. This option is perfect for long term multi track recording sessions. You can choose to purchase master reels to have, $100 up front for 1/4", and $150 for 1/8" reels. There is no up front charge, but actual studio playing time is $85 per hour.
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